Since an inside and outer colour explosion in June 2016 I paint and draw with passion. To improve my art expression, I was searching for an art school, which I found very quickly. In
2 years I completed my basic training for painting and drawing at the Academy for Visual Art in Kolbermoor Germany. I learnt a lot from two artists called Dagmar Wassong and Matthias Kroth.

The paintings have become the focus of my life. It seems that I had opened a creative Pandora´s Box, that I should draw again and again. In my artworks, I tell stories, which I paint with intense colours and expressive strokes off the brush or with my fingers. For this gestural kind of work, I use big canvases.
From feelings and sudden inspirations my paintings arise and in addition to the painting process itself creates bizarre figures on the canvas what is surprising to me in the end.
I would like to invite the viewers to engage oneself in a short journey into a shadow world.

For me painting is and will always remain its own universe in which I again and again immerse into.